Real-Time VAT Experience Platform

VATConnect- Analytics enables instant VAT reclaim identification wherever your spend journey takes you, identifying your future VAT opportunity through smart and intuitive technology.

Better Data, Better Decisions

VATConnect- Analytics is the central platform and hub for all your transactions enabling you to have a complete picture of your VAT position and see the real-time status of your total expenses spend. It allows clients to see the status of their actual VAT reclaim status, VAT opportunity by HQ and country level and the status of VAT submissions and registrations 24/7.  It provides complete visibility to HQ’s for each entity and each local country can track their specific VAT activities for analysis and insight.

The transparency and reporting capability on all transactions provide you with powerful analysis to make bigger and better decisions. It is the perfect platform to provide you with actionable insights to revise your travel spend costs, shape future travel policies and maximise your company’s VAT reclaim potential.

How can VATConnect-Analytics work for you?

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Key Benefits

Clients can view everything from the status of payment of VAT claims, the completion of VAT registrations and filing of VAT returns in one platform.

Instant & Future VAT Reclaim

100% Visibility in Real Time

Registrations & Compliance Status

  • Automatically calculates the eligible VAT transactions
  • Shows the calculated ineligible transactions for potential VAT reclaim
  • Dedicated reports for deep analysis identifying why VAT is lost
  • Status of VAT submissions and registrations by HQ/Global and local country
  • View the eligible VAT transactions in summary and detail by HQ & each entity
  • Registration status across jurisdictions
  • Status of payment claims and submission timelines
  • Clear visibility on VAT compliance status and VAT registrations reporting across any number of jurisdictions

“Taxback International allows us to focus on our day-to-day activities while they deal with all the tax offices directly – which is a headache we don’t need

Key Functionality Features

Designed to help you integrate VAT reclaim into your processes, driving compliance and maximising VAT refunds.

Sophisticated Visibility Capibilities

  • Graphical interface: Strong graphical summary and detailed reports
  • Click through to drill down into granular level detail of each individual transaction.
  • All reports can be customised to your data fields. E.g. Department number, Employee ID number
  • 1Click Export: Reports download for analysis in 1Click of a button

Quality Integration and Responsiveness

  • Accessibility- Online – 24/7
  • Real Time – Data transactions are instantly updated and made available in real time
  • Sophisticated Tracking Reports – tracking & status of VAT Returns and Foreign/ Domestic VAT Reclaims
  • Codes, Reconciliation and Integration: Strong alignment to your source data codes and automatic integration into your ERP
  • Summary and Detailed Bespoke Reports:  HQ, Country, Entity, Employee and Transaction level in 1click of a button

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