Are you incurring VAT on your supplier / AP invoices?

On average 70-80% of Supplier Invoices are charged VAT incorrectly. Once an AP invoice is paid, the
incorrectly charged VAT is a nightmare to get back.

Taxback International integrates with your payment system to identify incorrectly charged VAT in real time before
your invoice is paid.

Invoicing at Taxback International

Taxback International works hard to improve our client’s cash flow by ensuring VAT is not a cost to their business.

Taxback International seamlessly downloads invoice transaction data and images from your payment system using a secure integration. Once downloaded, the data passes through a series of checks to identify if VAT was charged correctly, and initiates a correction process.

We will reach out to the vendor on our client’s behalf to re-issue the invoice without VAT – and in addition, any correctly
charged VAT can be reclaimed from the Foreign Tax Office by Taxback International!

The Benefits

  • Improved Cash Flow.
  • Better Visibility.
  • Stop paying incorrectly charged VAT.
  • Safeguard your reputation with the Tax Office.
  • Taxback International will educate your suppliers on correct invoice procedure.

Improve your cash flow today!

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