A Non-Cash Benefit For Your Employees

Benefit in kind (‘BIK’) is any non-cash benefit that you provide for your employees. Usually, the value of the benefit-in-kind is the cost to the employer of providing the benefit less any contribution by the employee. If your employees earn over a specific threshold, a tax must be paid.

Key Issues

  • Expense Types – Different requirements for each expense type in each country.
  • Visibility – Difficult to determine which BIK should be taxed.
  • Compliance – Is the company compliant in relation to BIK?
  • Obligations – 5th of every month.

Taxback International BIK Process

Automatic Data Capture

Analyse Data for BIK Transactions

Set Allowance

Provide BIK Report

What Taxback International can do for you?

  • Pulls required data from your financial systems.
  • Examines pulled data for transactions subject to BIK.
  • Our BIK auditors analyse transactions and issue you with a compliant BIK report in advance of the monthly reporting deadline.
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