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Taxback International’s Artificial Intelligence will get you money back on travel spend

In light of the current global situation, we witnessed a very different way of attending the SAP Concur Fusion event this year which entailed entering their virtual summit lobby on the 11th & 12th March 2020 to gain access to the numerous keynote presentations, micro forum sessions and much more.

Taxback International’s very own Joe Healy was set to deliver our micro forum session on the topic ‘Making friends with robots: Discover how AI and Taxback International can help you get money back on travel spend.’ Fortunately, we are making this presentation available for you to check out below.

*Download presentation here*

Machine learning and AI boosting your bottom line

With travel and expense costs contributing up to 20% of your budget, anything you can do to reduce costs will make you the hero of your organisation. Machine learning and artificial intelligence makes getting money back on travel spend effortless via automated VAT reclaim.

Our VATConnect solution

VATConnect finds hidden opportunities using AI throughout the integrations, intelligence and analytics processes. Not only does AI allow for these hidden opportunities to be highlighted, since it is ever-evolving and getting smarter all of the time, but this also helps you to improve your company’s reclaim year on year. This allows for an insight into lost VAT potential, an increase in recovery by 50% and employee awareness.

With Taxback International’s real-time VAT analysis, real-time EU reporting and continuous improvement, only to mention a few, our effortless VAT reclaim solution provides you with this analysis and so much more through being powered by Taxback International as well as SAP Concur’s solutions to provide you with this seamless and secure analysis.

2020 isn’t over yet!

With the current global situation it was quite unfortunate we couldn’t attend Fusion. We had really hoped to meet you all there in person to discuss our exciting innovative new technologies, our partner integrations and the amazing things we’re doing at the moment at Taxback International to make the world of VAT reclaim and Sales and Use Tax reclaim so much more efficient and effective for our customers and prospects.

We must remember it is still very early days in 2020 and we are hopeful that we will get an opportunity to meet you all in person when everything calms down. Until then, be sure to check out the micro forum presentation which was set to be delivered at Fusion on the topic ‘Making friends with robots: Discover how AI and Taxback International can help you get money back on travel spend.’

*Download presentation here*

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