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Be ready for the September VAT deadline

The deadline for filing foreign VAT reclaims from 2019 is closing in fast. Businesses can reclaim VAT on cross-border expenses incurred in EU member states, as well as non-EU VAT from certain countries, but the deadline is September 30th. This year, businesses also need to be aware of VAT deadline extensions due to Covid-19, which will make filing returns even more complex.

Who qualifies:

  • EU registered businesses (directive 2008/09/EC): Filing reclaim for expenses in EU countries (including UK) outside their home country. For example, a business based in Italy reclaiming VAT from expenses and accounts payable (AP) invoices that took place in Germany. This can be filed electronically.
  • Businesses registered outside the EU (directive 85/560/EEC, also known as the 13th Directive): Filing for foreign VAT reclaim on expenses and AP invoices that took place in some EU countries. For example, A US based company claiming expenses from Spain. Note that most tax authorities in the EU member states of refund require that the original paper invoices are enclosed with the application or alternatively sent upon request shortly thereafter.
  • COVID-19 related extensions: All businesses that normally file VAT reclaim on June 30th in France (under either directives) can file September 30th. Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, Monaco and Serbia may also allow a filing extension from June 30th to September 30th, provided that the business provides sufficient documentation that the delay is related to COVID-19. Businesses that are filing late reclaim must still follow the rules of the directive if it relates to paper receipts required for non-EU filings and electronic for EU filings.


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