France Olympic Games Paris

France: Olympic Games Paris

The Olympic Games issued the 2nd version of its VAT Guide in relation to the upcoming edition in Paris this year on 26 July 2024 to 11 August 2024.

When it comes to VAT reclaim, there are 3 ways to reclaim:

  • Local Registration;
  • Under 13th Directive – Organisations established outside the European Union; and
  • Under 8th Directive – Organisations established in the European Union.

Non-recoverable expenses:

  • Accommodation expenses incurred for directors or employees;
  • Passenger transport vehicles;
  • The cost of transporting people (taxi, train, plane, bus, tube);
  • Petroleum products:
    • VAT on diesel fuel is deductible
      • 100% for trucks;
      • 80% for cars
    • VAT on petrol is deductible up to 80%
    • VAT on the cost of recharging electric vehicles is fully deductible
  • Assets sold without valuable consideration; and
  • Servicing relating to goods excluded from the right to deduct.

For more detailed information and documents needed there is a guide on

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