VAT Invoice Compliance Checklist

VAT Invoice Compliance Checklist

Ensure maximum reclamation of VAT on your Travel and Entertainment expenditures with confidence. The key to unlocking the highest returns lies in ensuring flawless invoice compliance.

Here’s why adhering to our VAT Invoice Compliance Checklist is your ticket to success:

VAT Invoice Compliance Checklist

1. Ensuring No Missing Details

It’s surprisingly common for details to be overlooked. Picture this: an employee returns from a trip abroad, armed with invoices for their travel expenses. However, upon inspection, the invoice is addressed to the employee, not the company! Even if it’s addressed correctly, errors like misspellings or incorrect addresses can occur. These discrepancies hinder companies like Taxback International from optimizing your VAT reclaims. It’s imperative to ensure invoices are correctly addressed to the company with the full name and address provided.

2. Providing Correct Documents with Clear VAT Indication

When submitting documents for VAT reclamation, it’s essential that VAT is clearly indicated for reclamation. Without clear VAT indication on invoices, it’s impossible to ascertain if VAT has been charged. Furthermore, documents like credit card slips are invalid for VAT reclamation purposes.

3. Precision in Scanning Invoices

In today’s digital age, scanning invoices is a common practice. However, haphazard scanning can lead to costly errors. By ensuring invoices are scanned meticulously, you guarantee seamless processing, whether handled internally or by trusted VAT reclaim specialists like Taxback International.

Download your FREE VAT Invoice Compliance Checklist PDF in order to ensure that your Invoices are always correct! 


Work with Real VAT Experts

At Taxback International, we boast decades of experience in the realm of VAT compliance and consultancy. Our expertise spans across all countries and languages where VAT obligations exist. Our dedicated team of VAT experts are renowned for their excellence within global tax offices.


Software as a Solution

In addition to our expert consultancy services, we’ve developed tailored technology solutions to address the VAT challenges facing companies today. Explore our cutting-edge offerings:

Comply Our VAT Compliance platform ensures seamless adherence to VAT regulations.

VATConnet Our VAT Reclaim platform designed to optimize VAT reclaim for both Foreign and Domestic VAT Reclaim processes.

TBI Pay Simplify cross-border payments with our streamlined technology solution.

By partnering with Taxback International, you gain access to a comprehensive suite of VAT services, backed by industry-leading expertise and innovative technology. Reach out to us today to discover how we can support your business’s VAT needs.

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