June deadline

June VAT Deadline – What do you need to know?

As a Non-EU based company, you are entitled to reclaim VAT back on corporate travel expenses incurred in the E.U. Up to 27% of your business travel spend can be recouped!

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Who is June VAT deadline for?

The June deadline, in relation to the 13th directive, applies to:

Non-EU companies (U.S.A., Canada, Australia) who have incurred value-added tax (VAT) on corporate travel expenses in the EU.

EU companies who have incurred value-added tax (VAT) on corporate travel expenses in Norway and Switzerland.

Businesses can recover this VAT by applying for a refund — provided they comply with the rules. This applies to the period for VAT incurred between the 1st January 2018 and the 31st December 2018.

What do you have to do?

In order to reclaim EU VAT, valid VAT invoices and receipts must be submitted in hard copy to the tax administrator by Saturday, June 30th 2019, in order to obtain the refund eligible for VAT.

United Kingdom Exception.

The United Kingdom has exceptions in the 13th Directive, The deadline for the 13th directive in the United Kingdom i.e. Non-EU companies reclaiming UK VAT is the 31st December 2018. This includes the period for VAT incurred from the 1st July 2016 to the 30th June 2017.

When is the next Deadline after June?

The next VAT deadline is on the 30th of September 2019. This deadline is for EU companies submitting claims within other EU countries’ Tax Offices. Take a look at last year’s blog piece for more information.