Maximise Your VAT Reclaims To Boost Your Cashflow

In uncertain times like these, it’s more important than ever that you take advantage of every opportunity possible to maximise your VAT reclaims for improved cash flow. June 30th is the EU deadline for reclaiming all VAT from travel and expenses for 2019- are you ready?

Learn more about your VAT recovery potential

If you need help making the deadline, we are offering a free analysis for companies that contact us before 20 May- click here to have someone from our team contact you. If you haven’t filed for VAT in the past, in some countries you can even file retroactively for up to the last 4 years. What kind of impact would receiving up to 27% back from your last four years of travel and expenses have on your business?

VAT refunds can be achieved quickly and efficiently. Last year we helped a company in the Nordics make the September VAT deadline with just a few weeks’ notice, and during the August vacation season no less!

Full automation ensures effortless reclaim

We’re able to help our clients take fast action because our solutions are 100% automated. Our partnerships with the leading travel and expense management systems make data collection a snap, and our artificial intelligence engines quickly and accurately analyse your data for fully compliant reclaim.

Since our solutions cloud-based, we can instantly incorporate any changes to rates, regulations or deadlines. In addition, our in-house team of VAT experts from around the globe are always on hand to help with more complex challenges.

Free Webinar

To learn more about how you can uncover untapped potential hidden in your travel costs check out our free webinar on May 19.

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