Poland: Changes to E-Invoicing Implementation

Poland Announces Changes to E-Invoicing Implementation

In a recent announcement on 26th April 2024, the Polish Ministry of Finance has revealed the completion of the external audit on the structured e-invoicing system. The audit has brought to light the necessity for significant changes. The audit identified defects within the system, prompting a reevaluation of the implementation timeline and requirements.

The structured e-invoicing system aims to streamline invoicing processes, enhance transparency, and combat tax evasion. However, the audit findings have necessitated adjustments to ensure the system’s effectiveness and smooth adoption by businesses across Poland.

Key changes to E-Invoicing

Postponement of Mandatory Implementation Deadline

Entrepreneurs, particularly those with significant sales revenue, were initially mandated to adopt the structured e-invoicing system by specific deadlines. However, in light of the audit’s findings and the need for system improvements, the Ministry has decided to extend the implementation timeline.

For Entrepreneurs Exceeding PLN 200 Million in 2025 Revenue: The mandatory usage of the structured e-invoicing system will commence from 1st January 2026. This extension provides additional time for larger businesses to prepare for the transition adequately.

For Other Entrepreneurs: Those not meeting the PLN 200 million revenue threshold in 2025 will now have until 1st April 2026 to start using the structured e-invoicing system. This delay ensures that smaller businesses also have sufficient time to adjust their processes and systems accordingly.

These changes signify a proactive approach by the Ministry of Finance to address the deficiencies identified in the audit while prioritizing a smooth and effective transition for businesses. By extending the implementation timeline, businesses will have the opportunity to adapt their internal systems, train staff, and address any potential challenges that may arise during the adoption process.

Moreover, the Ministry’s decision to tailor the implementation deadlines based on revenue thresholds reflects an understanding of the diverse needs and capacities of businesses operating within the Polish economy. This approach aims to mitigate the burden on smaller enterprises while maintaining the integrity and effectiveness of the structured e-invoicing system.

It is crucial for businesses to stay updated on further developments and guidance provided by the Ministry of Finance regarding the structured e-invoicing system. Additionally, seeking support from financial advisors or consulting firms specializing in compliance and technology integration can facilitate a smoother transition and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.

While the completion of the external audit has necessitated adjustments to the structured e-invoicing system implementation, the Ministry of Finance’s proactive measures aim to enhance the system’s efficacy and facilitate a seamless transition for businesses across Poland. By extending deadlines and accommodating varying business capacities, the Ministry underscores its commitment to fostering a transparent and efficient financial environment in the digital age.

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