Portugal: new deadlines for VAT payments

The Portuguese tax authorities have extended the due date to pay VAT on monthly and quarterly VAT returns by 5 days. This extension does not affect the due date to submit VAT returns, which remains unchanged. These changes apply as from 1 October 2019.

This will now result in two deadlines will applying on your Portuguese VAT return:

  • The submission deadline and
  • the payment deadline.

Portugal already had in place different deadlines for monthly and quarterly returns, so the October changes add up some complexity on these VAT filings.

The below table gives an overview of the new applicable deadlines:

  • Monthly VAT returns – Submission 10th of the second following month
  • Monthly VAT returns – Payment 15th of the second following month
  • Quarterly VAT returns – Submission 15th of the second following month
  • Quarterly VAT returns – Payments 20th of the second following month


If any of these deadlines fall on a weekend or bank holiday, the due date is shifted to the next working day.

The Portuguese tax authorities also recently have postponed the mandatory application of certified software for non-resident companies until 01.01.2021. Read here.



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