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Recovering VAT to optimise cash flow

To face the economic crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, companies need more than ever to generate new revenue. There is a very efficient but still often neglected way to do this: VAT recovery. Taxback International has mobilised during the crisis and to offer companies a free evaluation of the potential for VAT recovery to all companies who wish to do so.

Recovering VAT to optimise cash flow

“VAT can account for up to 21% in the Netherlands and Belgium and 17% in Luxembourg of a company’s expenses. Reclaiming local and foreign VAT/TVA is a strategic way of bringing in cash quickly, especially in a context of economic crisis.  Using Taxback International’s cutting edge technology you can open up doors to revenue streams you never thought you had. Clients are astounded when we present our solution on how we can recover so much for them. The biggest question they ask, “why haven’t we done this sooner?” explains Mag Swan, Regional Sales Manager for the Benelux region at Taxback International.

To help as many companies as possible optimise their cash flow and prevent financial difficulties, Taxback International is offering a free evaluation to all companies. The free evaluation will highlight the new revenue that companies can generate from the project so they know upfront if it makes economic sense to proceed with the project.

VAT is complex. We make it simple.

“Once the audit has been carried out, companies who wish to do so can provide us with their expense files and apply for refunds from the tax authorities. This process is carried out without any initial cost commitment on the part of the companies since our business model is based on success fees” explains Mag Swan.

Taxback International’s VAT refund solution applies to travel expenses abroad. It enables companies to delegate the often extremely complex recovery process to tax experts who have a thorough knowledge of the tax rules and regulations in more than 126 countries.

It is open to companies of all sizes, from SMEs to large accounts, and operates retroactively: it is possible to obtain a VAT refund on invoices dating back up to 5 years in The Netherlands and Luxembourg, 3 years in Belgium and up to 6 years in some countries. The company can provide Taxback International with its expense report files, but can also integrate the solution directly into its expense management software (EMS). A training service and presentation of the tool is also offered.

Expertise and customer satisfaction

Founded in 1996 by the Irish group Taxback, Taxback International is now present in 30 countries. This success is based both on a highly experienced team of tax experts, who have in-depth knowledge of European and non-European VAT laws and regulations and a very high level of customer satisfaction.  Through their Continuous Improvement programme, they help companies to increase their refund year on year.

“At Taxback International, customer satisfaction is our top priority. We guarantee all our clients the highest possible VAT refund. “says Mag Swan.

Every month Taxback International circulates a VAT newsletter, which summarises changes to VAT rules and regulations across the globe. Companies who are interested in receiving this free newsletter every month can subscribe here.

To find out more about Taxback International and to benefit from a free evaluation of your VAT recovery potential, click here.