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Seizing new opportunities in digital tax through technology

Converting the burden of digital tax into a major benefit

“Tax authorities around the world are introducing new reporting and compliance requirements for businesses. Joe Healy of Taxback International contends that, in a world where business is truly global and increasingly digital, an understanding of digital tax processes is vital for business.”

In an engaging and informative article on Bloomberg, Joe talks about how technology has had a levelling effect on many aspects of international business and that global market opportunities now present themselves in a way never seen before – and all down to technology. In the taxation world, this increase in digitisation has added a new level of complexity as both regional and national regulations and laws regularly change, ensuring companies must keep up to survive.

From compliance through to managing large-scale VAT reclaim across multiple borders, a globalised world does present challenges but technology holds the key.

Read the article in full right here and find out how there is an opportunity to turn digital tax regulation from a burden to insight that can benefit organizations now and in the future