Suministro Inmediato de Información – SII

Spanish SII “Suministro Inmediato de Información” or the “Immediate Supply of Information” for VAT was introduced in 2017 to mandate the electronic supply of accounting information to the Spanish VAT Authorities. Spanish SII requirements are mandatory for taxpayers who have a monthly VAT settlement period i.e.:

  • Registered with REDEME (Monthly VAT Return Registry)
  • Large Businesses (turnover of over €6,010,121.04)
  • VAT Groups

All other taxpayers can opt into SII voluntarily.


If SII requirements apply, you must report the issued invoice information to the Spanish Tax Agency. This must be done within 4 days from the date of issue of the invoice.

Information in relation to invoices received must also be reported within 4 calendar days of their “booked” date to the business accounts or ERP system.

“Reportable invoices received” include all compliant invoices for domestic business travel and other domestic employee expenses, regardless of whether those invoices/receipts are considered compliant for VAT deduction.

SII is not only to report purchases supported by compliant invoices for VAT deduction but to report all purchases supported by compliant invoices and receipts received by the business.

What is considered a compliant invoice?

In Spain, for example, a simplified invoice is considered compliant if it includes the following:

  • Number and series
  • Date of issue
  • Date of tax point (taxable event), only if different from the date of issue
  • VAT number and full name of the supplier
  • Description of the nature of the goods and/or services supplied
  • VAT rate applied and, optionally, also the mention of “VAT included” (IVA incluido)
  • When the invoice refers to different transactions subject to different VAT rates, the taxable amount related to each different VAT rate has to appear separately from the others
  • Total consideration
  • Where corrective invoices, reference to the invoice and the contents being corrected

In order for simplified invoices to be considered a valid document that supports the right for input VAT deduction, they must also include the following information:

  • Recipient’s VAT identification number
  • Supplier’s and recipient’s permanent address
  • VAT payable

The reporting of transactions related to domestic business travel and other domestic employee expenses can be quite burdensome given the level of transactional detail to be reported. Most businesses’ expense management process doesn’t capture supplier information and specific invoice details needed for SII reporting and so manual input may be required.

Need Help with Your Spanish VAT Compliance?

Taxback International has worked with many businesses in the past 4 years to developed tailored solutions to ensure VAT deduction entitlement is maximised while reporting obligations are met in line with Spanish SII requirements.

We tailor our domestic VAT reporting solution to report to you all transactional data needed for SII reporting in relation to employee expenses in the timeframes required to comply with SII reporting rules.

Taxback International’s full VAT Compliance solution can also manage your full SII and domestic VAT return obligations in Spain giving you full visibility and control of the VAT Compliance process through our Comply platform.

Our Local Spanish VAT Experts Can Help You

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