resources-post-top-bg Taxback International joins forces with IAPA.

Taxback International joins forces with IAPA.

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4th Feb 2019: The partnership allows Taxback International to support IAPA members in the area of international VAT services.

Taxback International are very proud to join forces with IAPA to help accountancy firms in the UK and globally to win business in the area of international VAT services.

IAPA is a global association of independent accounting, law and business advisory firms that aim to support it’s members in providing their clients with a diverse range of professional, comprehensive and cost-effective business solutions, regardless of sector or location.

“The partnership connects Taxback International with clients of accountancy firms – both UK and globally – requiring expert and technology driven international VAT Recovery and Compliance services. The partnership, effective immediately, will present IAPA members with new opportunities to take on international VAT services for their clients which previously they may have declined. Through the partnership IAPA members will have direct access to a whole range of International VAT services allowing them to expand their own service offering, win new business and boost profits.”

– Jim Khan, Head of UK Sales, Taxback International.

This partnership will give IAPA members access to the best expert advice to maximise their knowledge, efficiency and effectiveness, leading them to be better equiped to advise their clients . In support of this, Taxback International provide free webinars exclusively to IAPA members to help them keep up to date with the latest developments in indirect tax and VAT globally.

“I am really delighted to formally confirm the agreement between IAPA and Taxback International. This collaboration enables IAPA member firms to offer ‘Global VAT compliance and reclaim services’ to clients that they otherwise may not have had access to. In addition Taxback International will provide members with informative webinars on global VAT topics to update members on the latest developments. The first webinar ‘Global Indirect Tax News & Trends’ was an excellent success. It has been a pleasure working with Jim Khan and I look forward to introducing him to our members at our EMEA Conference in May later this year.”

– Ozgur Demirdoven, CEO, IAPA.

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