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resources-post-top-bg Taxback International and Chrome River – Revolutionizing Invoice & Expense

Taxback International and Chrome River – Revolutionizing Invoice & Expense

Taxback International are delighted to announce their partnership with Chrome River, a leading provider of expense report and invoice automation software.

VAT recovery is a complex business for most companies, although with VAT rates at up to 27% it is increasingly becoming a very worthwhile revenue stream to claim. With the right technology and outsourced expertise the process is actually relatively simple.

Taxback International, the no. 1 Global VAT service provider and Chrome River are coming together to simplify this complex process.

Chrome River easily enables organizations to automate and streamline AP processes, increase productivity, reduce errors and enforce compliance – so their software works to fit your organization. Chrome River EXPENSE is a fast, fluid, mobile web solution offering global enterprise organizations the most modern travel and expense report management software. Alone, its solutions can help you increase visibility, improve policy compliance and manage costs more effectively. But when you bring Chrome River and Taxback International together, the benefits are even greater – for you, your business and your employees!

Taxback International provide a fully outsourced VAT audit service to complement the Chrome River Expense application. This service has saved companies millions by identifying VAT recovery potential, input errors, over claims and fraudulent expense claims with Taxback working with many of the biggest companies in the world.

Sinead Usher, Senior Strategic Partner Manager at Taxback International commented on the partnership: “One of the unique features of Taxback International is the way we combine technology and our people to provide our clients with the best possible VAT Reclaim service. Chrome River has a very similar approach to its business. They are always innovating to find the best solution for their clients. Adding this to the global reach of both organisations meant that, working together for the benefit of our mutual clients, was a simple decision to make”.

Customers can reap the benefits from Chrome River through a deeper analysis of their data, with insights on opportunity size across a broad number of metrics. With Taxback International, they experience an end-to-end solution of their travel and expense policies with the opportunity for continuous and quantifiable return on investment.

“Taxback International has a strong track record in securing VAT refunds for large global organizations, and this complements Chrome River’s international customer base very well. I look forward to this relationship growing and believe it will be beneficial to customers of both companies,” says Bill Hanfrey, partnership director, Europe, at Chrome River.

Together, Taxback International and Chrome River increase you bottom line and streamline your expense and travel processes. By working together we can help your company unlock cash savings in your expense data thereby giving you a wealth of data that would previously have been too difficult to access.

If you’d like to find out how together, Taxback International and Chrome River can revolutionize your invoicing and expense, get in touch today!

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