resources-post-top-bg Unclaimed VAT now in the billions.

Unclaimed VAT now in the billions.

$1.4 trillion is spent on business travel globally each year – do you know how much VAT your business can reclaim?

Global business travel spend has been forecast to increase to $1.6 trillion by 2020 according to the Global Business Travel Association (GBTA). Travel and Expenses (T&E) are a huge operational cost for most companies, currently accounting for between 10% -12% of a company’s overall budget.

However, even though business travel costs are rising, the VAT reclaim opportunity has never been better – for businesses of all sizes.

VAT is complex, we make it simple.

Billions of dollars in VAT go unclaimed each year by businesses who do not understand how easy VAT reclaim can be. Taxback International can help you to reach the full potential of your VAT recovery on global corporate travel.

How much unclaimed VAT is your company missing out on? Our 3 hour VAT Audit can analyse your travel and expense data quickly to provide an overview of how much VAT you are entitled to have refunded.

Try our free VAT analysis now.

We eliminate your VAT burden completely while providing real-time visibility every step of the way, making compliance and recovery effortless for our clients.

  • Maximize your reclaim: increase your current VAT reclaim by an average of 50%.
  • Minimize your risk: our fully indemnified solution ensures zero risk for our clients.
  • Guaranteed compliance: the combination of innovative, knowledge-based technology and our team of in-house VAT experts ensures 100% compliance.
  • Optimize your results: advanced analytics provide 24/7 transparency into your VAT recovery, with prescriptive insights to improve reclaim and compliance every year.
  • Secure: all data is processed in the EU in our GDPR compliant shared services centre. ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certified.
  • Contingency fee model: No refund =  No Fee.

Get started with a free VAT Audit today.

“I don’t even invest an hour a month to this. It’s so easy that I sometimes forget it’s working
behind the scenes and putting money back into our bottom line.”
Brandon Weiss, VP of Financial Systems & Process Improvement at AEG Worldwide

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We know that Indirect taxes such as VAT and GST can have a huge effect on your business. As VAT rates change sporadically keeping yourself informed can be difficult.  Compliance is always crucial. That’s why our Indirect Tax Experts share their hand-picked news stories every day that you need to know. From breaking news to VAT changes and new EU legislation. We know that relevant information means better decision making. We aim to be your number 1 source for VAT and GST news.

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