Japan's latest Tax Reform Bills

Understanding Japan’s Latest Tax Reform Bills

The Japanese Cabinet recently unveiled Japan’s latest Tax Reform Bills for the taxable year 2024, marking a significant shift in tax liability, particularly for foreign companies engaging in business-to-consumer (B2C) transactions within Japan. On February 2, 2024, the government presented key updates, one of which has profound implications for digital platforms operating in the Japanese market.

Starting January 2025, foreign companies involved in B2C transactions in Japan will bear full responsibility for Japanese Consumption Tax. This pivotal change means that digital platforms offering electronic services or selling digital content to Japanese consumers will now be obligated to charge Japanese Consumption Tax, maintain proper documentation, and report transactions in the relevant Digital Economy Return.

However, there’s a crucial threshold: companies must have reached 5 billion Japanese Yen in the previous 12 months to be subject to this tax liability.

Staying abreast of such regulatory shifts is paramount for businesses operating in Japan or planning to enter its market. At Taxback International, we understand the importance of keeping you informed and equipped to navigate these changes seamlessly.

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