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Unlocking additional revenue streams in uncertain times

Partnering for success

Taxback International is proud to be in partnership with SAP Concur, the global leader in their industry. Our joint solutions allow companies to ensure their travel expenses are recorded quickly and easily, as well as allowing for a hassle free VAT reclaim process.

Together, Taxback International and SAP Concur have been making VAT simple for over a decade. Leveraging your data to deliver ROI, enables us to help you get money back into your bottom line and increase your company’s cash flow. Collectively we can help improve VAT recovery and compliance for your company via automation and increased transparency.


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Travel, expenses & invoices: Time is of the essence

Did you know, Taxback International integrates with SAP Concur across its three key products – Travel, expense and invoice.

Here are some interesting facts to ensure guaranteed compliance:

  • An average expense claim contains 17 receipts.
  • An average receipt contains 3 line
  • Up to 50% of these receipts contain incorrectly charged VAT.
  • Paper invoices take an average of 12 minutes to be analysed by Accounts Payable staff.
  • 39% of business travellers admit to booking flights or hotels outside of company policy.


Untapped potential often hidden in travel cost

Taxback International VATConnect can help reclaim VAT on all your historic domestic travel and entertainment expenses! With travel and expense costs contributing up to 20% of your budget,  you can automatically reclaim up to 27% in VAT.  In many cases, we can reclaim VAT on historic travel expenses for up to four years.


Register for Taxback International and SAP Concur’s joint webinar here, which will be taking place on Tuesday 19th May, 10.30 am (CEST)  to learn more.