Comply – Our innovative VAT Compliance Software

Comply is the world’s first automated, end-to-end VAT fulfilment platform, with in-built and regulated cross-border payments capability. Our VAT Compliance Platform is built on Taxback International’s decades of global VAT expertise.

Are you challenged with managing VAT Compliance?

Comply, our innovative end-to-end platform, is transforming how all VAT compliance workflows are managed. Our technology automates the preparation and filing of your VAT returns, removing complex manual and often non-compliant reporting.

Thanks to our secure streamlined platform, we transform your tax teams’ manual and time-consuming domestic VAT reclaim and VAT compliance processes.

Comply map
Comply dashboard

Guaranteed and compliant on time VAT returns

Comply will prepare, validate, approve and submit your VAT returns to the relevant tax offices. We ensure all your VAT returns, Intrastat and EC Sales list filings are submitted on time, fully compliant.

Your data is prepared, validated, approved and submitted all within Comply. What’s more, an end-to-end audit trail is captured for current and historic returns by entity, by tax office, submission dates and frequency.

Full transparency with forecasting and analytics

Comply Analytics tracks all VAT Compliance activities and obligations in real time through one centralised, secure, cloud-based Platform, fully digitising the entire VAT return process. Prescriptive Analytics give you the tools to gain transparency and impact business decisions with accurate trend analysis and financial modelling based on big data analysis.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning-based algorithms analyse historic VAT return data to detect patterns and accurately predict future VAT return amounts.

Comply Forecast
Comply Return validation

Integrations and Reconciliation

Comply seamlessly streams data and images from multiple data sources with ERP integrations and simplified reconciliation.

What’s more, our multiple Tax Office integrations ensure simplicity for filing your returns on-time.

Domestic VAT Reclaim

Comply has a full VAT reclaim add-on module built in, meaning your Domestic VAT Reclaim reports will feed directly into your local VAT returns.

No matter the data source, Comply will validate the integrity of the data and where invoice compliance is an issue, invoice correction will take place to maximise reclaim.

Comply Domestic VAT Reclaim

Embedded Payments Technology

Comply features revolutionary payments technology, embedded to enable tax office payments in local currencies and reconciliations. This removes the cost and risk of late tax office payments.

Our fully regulated Global Settlement Network of local bank accounts includes over 160 countries and over 130 currencies.

Regulatory Compliance

Maintaining VAT compliance across global operations can be a challenging task for organisations. At TBI we keep up to date with VAT compliance in multiple countries. We track local regulations to deliver a global solution that’s always aligned to correct rates, VAT treatments, reporting requirements and data governance legislation.

Our VAT compliance platform, Comply, removes the burden of managing VAT compliance for you as it provides an automated path to best-practice governance.

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  • Guaranteed Accuracy

    Guaranteed accurracy, validated checks and on-time submissions.

  • Audit Trail

    A full audit trail of all individual returns with aggregation of global returns.

  • Escalation Flows

    Any deviations/outliers are tracking with escalation flows to support.

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