Working Together with our Employees

The Taxback International Code of Conduct sets out to establish the standards we expect of our employees when engaging in corporate activities. Taxback International shall act in accordance with accepted social ethics and in full compliance with the law.

We employ the highest calibre of professionals ensuring that knowledge and expertise are the cornerstones of our service delivery. Our in-house experts embrace a diversity of VAT reclaim, compliance, consultancy, review and receipt auditing.

The Taxback International Corporate Social Responsibility initiative was born out of the collective desire of the directors to give something back to the community as the company grew.

Our Commitment
Our Policy
Our Goals

What does CSR mean for us?

Our vision for a sustainable society is one where Planet (Environment), People (Society) and Profit (Economic activities) exist in perfect harmony. We are committed to establishing and maintaining environmentally sustainable business practices within our own operations and encourage our clients and suppliers to do the same. In order to realise this vision, our aim is to minimise our impact on the environment by reducing energy consumption, greenhouse gas emissions, waste reduction and other green activities. We endeavour to create a business model that reduces our carbon footprint while maximising our economic value and net contribution to society.

We promote these principles in the manner that we deliver our services to our clients while maintaining the belief that every company has a responsibility to its community to achieve sustainable growth and value.

Our Commitment

Taxback International is committed to establishing and maintaining environmentally sustainable business practices within our own operations. As part of the Green Project we run a Bright Ideas campaign, where employees are encouraged to suggest creative and eco-friendly ideas to enrich our working environment. This encourages employees to shape the way we deal with the many issues that are on our green agenda, generate ideas and identify solutions that help make a real difference. While Taxback International is not a significant emitter of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases, we continue to work to reduce our environmental footprint.

Where we work

Taxback International takes steps to reduce our use of energy, water and other resources in our offices through effective building management and by partnering with our internal clients and vendors to ensure they closely follow our environmental values. To maximize energy conservation, our buildings use low power led and motion- detection lighting. Taxback International has taken advantage of alternative lighting design to ensure the greatest possible efficiency. We also promote extensive use of energy-efficient computers and business machines to reduce emissions and save energy. Some Taxback International offices also use automatic shutdown systems for computers left on after the close of business.

When We Travel

As a global organisation, we have made significant efforts to reduce business travel. We have invested in state-of-the-art audio and video conferencing technology and encourage colleagues to utilise it as an alternative to travel whenever possible.

Taxback International promotes the use of public transportation by locating its facilities in locations with good public transport. In many of our locations, employees are able to purchase public transportation at pre-tax and subsidised rates. Where public transport is not available, carpooling is encouraged. When practical, we also allow colleagues to work from home and have equipped colleagues with the means to communicate with clients, other colleagues and business partners through web-based technology and communication systems.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

In most of our offices, Taxback International participates in recycling programs for paper, plastic, newsprint, cardboard and aluminium. To reduce our use of paper, many of our office printers are defaulted to duplex printing. Taxback International also recycles cellular phones and batteries.

Outdated computers, monitors and other IT equipment are either sent back to manufacturers for refurbishing or recycled directly through partnering organisations. All data is removed and permanently deleted in accordance with our data privacy policy.


Due to the nature of our business, the processing of our services relies heavily on the movement of receipts to our main processing centres in Europe. A focus of our environmental sustainability commitment has been to re-engineer our receipt auditing process by reducing the need to print receipts as well as eliminating the need to ship boxes of receipts between countries. This has been achieved in two ways.

  • We constantly developing innovative technologies designed to decrease the amount of print and transportation of receipts in the process life cycle.
  • We have chosen DHL as our strategic logistics partner. DHL’s corporate motto ‘Living Responsibly’ demonstrates their commitment to corporate social responsibility. By the year 2020, DHL aims to reduce their CO2 emissions by 30 % compared to their 2007 levels. More information can be found here.

Partnering to Improve the Environment

Our colleagues around the world have found ways to help the environment while also giving back to their communities at the same time. Our financial headquarters in Kilkenny, Ireland has been part of the team to develop a sensory garden for the children at the Enable Ireland centre in Kilkenny.

The Taxback International Corporate Social Responsibility initiative was born out of the collective desire of the directors to give something back to the community as the company grew. We allocate €70 per staff member per year to the CSR Budget. This year, our dominant theme is the theme of ‘play’. We are helping children throughout the world to participate in activities such as art, sport, music and drama. We aim to concentrate our CSR activity in the cities and towns where our offices are based so local staff can get actively involved.

Our Policy

Taxback International is aware that the preservation of the environment is the solemn duty of every citizen in the world. We strive to align our corporate activities with environmental preservation and take responsibility for ensuring that our entire workforce participates.

Set higher targets for environmental activities and achieve them.

Employees will not only be in full compliance with all laws, but will take personal responsibility for establishing high targets that reflect social expectations, and seek to create economic value in achieving these targets.

Commitment to continuous improvement.

Employees, in processing, will be aware of the environmental impact of their activities and will seek continuous improvement to prevent waste of resources and to ensure the effective use of energy and other resources.

Provide a service cycle that will reflect environmental concerns.

Employees will make every effort to reduce environmental impact at all stages of the service cycle, from procurement of receipts, through processing, storage, recycling and disposal.

Promote responsible environmental preservation while enhancing awareness.

Employees will remain aware of the wider community around them, and work actively through education and other means to personally shoulder their responsibility and work toward environmental preservation.

Contribute to achieving a sustainable society.

Employees will contribute to achieving sustainable society by participating or supporting environmental preservation activities.

Develop innovative environmental technologies.

Employees will encourage the development of innovative environmental technologies that create customer value and can be utilized widely throughout the organisation.

Our Goals

At Taxback International, we have set ourselves goals in order to measure our performance as a company. These goals are aimed at improving our carbon footprint, whilst also setting a guideline and strategic plan in place throughout our employees.

Reduce total CO2 emissions by 25% before 2020

Reduce the new input resources by 20% before 2020

Reduce travel cost by 20% before 2020

Energy Conservation

Reduce greenhouse gas emissions resulting from our processing activities, logistics activities and sales and business development activities.
Develop environmental technologies that have lower medium to long-term environmental impact.

Resource Conservation and Recycling

Further reduce our use of new resources.
Work harder to use recycled products, which will lower our use of new materials and parts.
Reduce waste generation.

Pollution Prevention

Reduce travel by aeroplane and automobile.
Utilise video conferencing technology whenever possible.

Conservation of Biodiversity

Help maintain and restore the Earth’s self-recovery capabilities.
Implement programs to support biodiversity within the premises of Taxback International.

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