What is Comply

Comply, our Foreign VAT Compliance technology, allows accountants and bookkeepers to keep cross-border VAT compliance processes in-house. Comply is fully supported by our global experts with over twenty-five years of experience in Foreign VAT compliance.

  • Comply – Self Service

    Comply’s Self-Service SaaS helps accountants and bookkeepers by assisting them in completing and filing their client’s Foreign VAT returns.

    Comply’s Self-Service option features full workflow tracking, data analysis, and a payment gateway for Foreign Tax Office payments. Additionally, accountants benefit from a dedicated account manager and online/telephone support.

  • Comply – Fully Managed

    Comply’s Fully Managed Service assists accountants by preparing, checking, and guaranteeing the on-time submissions of their client’s Foreign VAT compliance data.

    Comply provides full workflow tracking, analysis and a payment gateway for all Foreign Tax Office payments. As an indemnified and Fully Managed Service, Comply is supported by a dedicated account manager and additional online/telephone support.

  • Comply – Referral

    By choosing Comply Referral, we partner with your business and directly manage your accountancy clients. While consulting directly with your clients we provide your business with a real-time view of the workflow.

    All Partners are paid a quarterly percentage-based fee. As a Partner your firm has access to the full suite of Comply’s SaaS platform, a dedicated account manager, and additional online/telephone support.

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