Are you an online retailer selling directly to customers across the other EU Member States?

Distance Selling is the act of selling Business to Consumer (B2C) from one EU central location to other EU member states. You are a distance seller if you import into the EU and sell B2C from that country to the other EU member states. Note that distance sales may also occur B2B where invalid VAT details/invoicing are issued.

Specific Rules

There is a specific kind of VAT compliance obligation that many sellers of online goods encounter with distance sales.

If you offer electronically supplied services such as information downloads and eBooks to consumers in the EU then you need to follow these VAT rules.  Since January 1st, 2015 VAT needs to be calculated on the basis of the appropriate rate in the purchaser’s country.


Mini One-Stop-Shop for Telecommunications, Broadcasting, and Electronic Services (TBE) providers selling B2C

What is it?

MOSS is an EU VAT mechanism to file VAT returns and payments due to any and all member states via one portal.

This is an optional VAT Compliance approach, currently available only to providers of TBE Services, selling to private individuals (B2C).

If you qualify for these types of transactions, talk to our advisors today about how MOSS may benefit you.

Why should retailers use Taxback International?

Our distance sales VAT Compliance solution provides a wholly owned, one-stop-shop for foreign VAT compliance. We provide our clients with a dedicated Key Account Manager, and access to an online client platform, which allows them to track VAT return filing dates, and VAT liability payment deadlines.

“Taxback International has always been our driving force to register for tax compliance in each country! Their extensive knowledge of each region’s tax requirements is so beneficial to the success of our events. The team takes us through every step of registration needs, accommodates our special requests, and also offers the best customer service along the way. Thank you Taxback International team for saving us money on our international events!”

Tricia Sutherland, Meeting Professionals International

Taxback International Benefits

  • Local VAT knowledge across all EU countries,
  • One point of contact, across all registrations,
  • Local languages – Multi-language capabilities,
  • Local domicile which is required in certain countries like Spain,
  • Full online, real-time reporting through VATConnect – Analytics,
  • Wholly owned process,
  • ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certified.

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