Domestic VAT Recovery

Reclaim Domestic VAT on your local business spend to unlock additional revenue.

Is your company optimising this huge opportunity?  

Reclaim VAT on domestic travel expenses

What is Domestic VAT Reclaim?

Domestic VAT reclaim (DVR) is the recovery of VAT on domestic travel and expense (T&E) transactions such as hotels, accommodation, meals, entertainment etc.  This is typically reclaimed monthly or quarterly, but some countries also allow you to reclaim VAT on local business travel which occurred in the past.

  • Regular Domestic VAT refunds provide frequent cash flow into your business
  • Backdated Domestic VAT refunds can provide an additional cash injection (from 60 countries worldwide)

*Subject to deduction rules and restrictions per country.

Eligible Travel and Entertainment expenses.

  • Accommodation
  • Parking
  • Meals
  • Professional services
  • Fuel
  • Car rental and taxis
  • Public transport
  • Conferences
  • Training courses and seminars
  • Local purchases of goods

And more…

Eligible MICE-related expenses.

  • Meetings
  • Incentives
  • Conferencing
  • Exhibitions

Non travel related invoices.

  • Supplier invoices related to domestic / local spend such as office stationery or office canteen supplies.

  • Eligible Accounts Payable (AP) spend.

How far back can you reclaim Domestic VAT?

  • Austria
    2 years and 6 months
  • Belgium
    3 years
  • Bulgaria
    1 year
  • Croatia
    3 years
  • Cyprus
    3 years
  • Czech Republic
    3 years
  • Denmark
    3 years
  • Estonia
    3 years
  • Finland
    3 years
  • France
    2 years
  • Germany
    4 years
  • Greece
    5 years
  • Hungary
    5 years
  • Ireland
    4 years
  • Italy
    4 months from tax year end
  • Latvia
    3 years
  • Lichtenstein
    5 years
  • Lithuania
    3 years
  • Luxembourg
    3 years
  • Malta
    5 years
  • Netherlands
    5 years
  • Norway
    3 years
  • Poland
    5 years
  • Portugal
    2 years
  • Romania
    5 years
  • Serbia
    5 years
  • Slovakia
    5 years
  • Slovenia
    1 year
  • Spain
    4 years
  • Sweden
    5 years
  • Switzerland
    5 years
  • United Kingdom
    4 years
  • Argentina
    4 years
  • Bolivia
    8 years
  • Canada
    4 years
  • Chile
    3 years
  • Columbia
    2 years
  • Costa Rica
    Costa Rica
    4 years
  • Ecuador
    5 years
  • Guatemala
    3 months
  • Mexico
    5 years
  • Peru
    12 months
  • Uruguay
    4 years
  • India
    9 months
  • Kingdom Saudi Arabia
    Kingdom Saudi Arabia
    5 years
  • Turkey
    Current year
  • United Arab Emirates
    United Arab Emirates
    5 years
  • Australia
    4 years
  • China
    No time limit
  • Indonesia
    2 years
  • Japan
    4 months from year end
  • New Zealand
    New Zealand
    2 years
  • Philippines
    1 year
  • Russia
    3 years
  • Singapore
    5 years
  • South Korea
    5 years
  • Taiwan
    10 years
  • Thailand
    3 years
  • Vietnam
    No time limit

The challenge for companies.

We work with major global enterprises, and as a first step we complete Domestic VAT Health Checks for companies who are either using a competitor or filing themselves. 


Our insights have found that 60% of companies are not making full or correct Domestic VAT submissions.


Four consistent causes emerged: 

  • VAT was deducted but not valid, therefore non-compliant with Tax Office laws  
  • VAT was incorrectly deducted and thus ineligible, resulting in companies reclaiming a high amount of ineligible VAT  
  • VAT that was eligible, was not deducted resulting in a loss in the reclaim for the company  
  • All smaller expenses were missed as they were regarded as too difficult to reclaim on or the company didn’t have enough resources to manage the high amount of these small transactions

Work with Taxback International

Domestic VAT reclaim is a major lost opportunity for many companies to easily generate significant revenue. Our insights have found that 60% of companies were not making full or correct domestic VAT returns to their local tax office before working with us.


Understand your businesses’ Domestic VAT refund potential.

  • Taxback International will provide you with free sample analysis, which will highlight where we identify missed Domestic VAT reclaim opportunities within your VAT process.
  • We integrate with all Expense Management Systems meaning there is no IT implementation needed.
  • We do all of the analysis, preparation and provide your report in the style required by your local tax office for inclusion in your local VAT return.
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