Taxback International and webexpenses

Taxback International and webexpesnes have come together to give you money back on your business travel expenses – reclaiming VAT faster than ever before. Together they share a mission to help businesses save time and money through smarter ways of working.

Taxback International provides a complete VAT reclaim and auditing service to complement webexpenses software. This service has saved companies millions by identifying their VAT recovery potential, input errors, over claims and fraudulent expense claims with Taxback International.

“We’re proud to welcome Taxback International as a partner and they’re a company who share our mission to help businesses save time and money through smarter ways of working”


Adam Reynolds, webexpenses CEO

Taxback International and webexpenses will save you time and money through our combined world-leading technology

Smarter Cloud-Based Spend Management

Webexpenses is a leading global provider of cloud-based expense management software. They are transforming how companies manage their employee expenses. Simple and intuitive, webexpenses’ software turns a complex, manual process into an efficient, automated one, which is proven to save organisations up to 25% in T&E costs.

Their powerful reporting tools are giving finance teams visibility over every part of the expenses process. Webexpenses’ mobile app allows users to build expense claims in less than 20 seconds thanks to their industry-leading ACR (Automatic Character Recognition) functionality.

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