What is the Expert View?

TBI Expert View is our focused look into the ever-evolving world of global VAT and what changes companies should be making for 2022.

Our series will feature discussions from industry experts on emerging trends such as Brexit and the tail end of the storm, SAF-T and EU future plans, E-Invoicing and how businesses should be preparing, Global Payments optimisation and how clients can eliminate late payments to Tax Offices, minimising their fees associated with Tax Offices, increasing digitalisation of global tax processes, advisory information, as well as a look into our development of the world’s first end-to-end VAT compliance platform – Comply.

Watch our CEO, Catherine Quirke introduce an overview of the Expert View series

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Read what our CEO, Catherine Quirke has to say about the Expert View series

Hello, everyone, and welcome to series two of the TBI expert view.

We’re absolutely delighted with the overwhelming response from the first series, and so we’re delighted to be launching this second series now. We’re going to have lots of exciting topics and subjects to discuss this time around, with you our clients, and also with our partners, external industry experts and our own internal experts.

We’re going to be kickstarting the series with a recap on Brexit and the impact that th has had on businesses twelve months in. Other topics that we’ll be discussing include SAF-T and EU future plans, E-Invoicing and how businesses need to be preparing for that and Global Payments optimization and how clients can eliminate late payments to tax offices and also minimize their fees associated with that.

If you’d like to be involved in this series or if you have ideas for topics that you would like us to discuss, we’d be absolutely delighted to hear from you. And you can contact us at tbiteam@taxbackinternational.com.

Thanks, everyone.

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