Watch our CEO, Catherine Quirke introduce an overview of the Expert View series

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Read what our CEO, Catherine Quirke has to say about the Expert View series

Don’t wait until next year to see what 2022 looks like, get the Expert View.

Over the coming months, the TBI Expert View will bring focused discussions on emerging trends in global VAT. Increasing digitalisation of global tax processes, advisory information, as well as a look into how Taxback International developed the world’s first end-to-end VAT compliance platform – Comply.


Adapting to a Changing Tax Landscape

In our first instalment, we will be hearing from Lisa Dowling, Senior Global Director – Head of Indirect Tax, Advisory and Compliance for Taxback International. Lisa will provide an overview of global indirect tax challenges and trends companies need to be aware of for 2022. She will also give her expert insights and takeaways into the evolving digitalised tax landscape.


Increasing Global Digitalisation

In the second instalment, Lisa will be joined by Taxback International’s Senior VAT Compliance Manager, Teodora Vallone. Teodora and Lisa’s conversation will more closely focus on increasing global tax digitalisation. Teodora will offer her expert perspective on the impact the digital evolution in tax processing is having on businesses as well as discuss the potential opportunities and challenges for 2022.


Hidden Difficulties in Outsourcing

Next up, Lisa will be speaking with our Global Director, VAT Compliance & Advisory, Barbara Barcsik. Barbara will be talking with Lisa about the considerations businesses should make before outsourcing their tax returns processes to a third-party provider.

Barbara will explore the common scenarios for business as well as the hidden challenges that can blindside a company and how best to overcome them. Even if your business has never previously considered outsourcing, this conversation may change your mind.

Changing the Traditional Approach

In our fourth instalment, Chief Product Officer, Eamon Clune sits down with Chief Marketing Officer, Nora Duggan to provide in-depth insight into the VAT Compliance industry. They uncover some of the key pain points that clients face when using a traditional VAT compliance workflow in contrast to an automated platform.


Building the Compliance Platform of Tomorrow

Following on from that, David Keating, our Chief Technical Officer, will be joined in conversation with Joanna Wang from Amazon Web Services. David and Joanna will be discussing the successful partnership between Taxback International and AWS. This partnership led to the swift growth of Comply – the world’s first end-to-end VAT compliance platform.

David and Joanna will discuss how identification of potential scaling problems early on led to our collaboration with AWS and they will discuss how AWS services make scalable, robust software platforms like Comply much simpler to create and implement for businesses today.


Recommendations for 2022

To round out our series, Taxback International’s Chief Commercial Officer, Johanna Waara, and Chief Strategy Officer, Joe Healy, will be joining together for a lively conversation on Global VAT digitalisation and the opportunities and challenges that lay ahead for companies in 2022.

They will cover the ongoing digital transformation of the tax industry, including Making Tax Digital, IOSS registrations, and the often necessary organisational restructuring for companies due to challenges around VAT recovery and compliance.


Get the Expert View on 2022

We really hope you enjoy the TBI Expert View and gain valuable insights you can use in your own business strategies for 2022. If you have any questions for any of our speakers, don’t hesitate to get in contact with us at or feel free to visit us at and explore our range of services.

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