A Seamless, Touchless, End to End VAT Reclaim solution for expenses related to corporate travel.

VAT reclaim is a highly complex process, subject to continually changing rules and legislation. VAT rates range from 5 – 27% in over 126 countries across the globe, each with different sets of rules, deadlines and filing requirements.

We eliminate your VAT burden completely while providing real-time visibility with every step of the way, making compliance and recovery effortless for our clients.

Fully Automated – Expert Checked

Taxback International is a global leader in local and foreign automated VAT reclaim. Our proprietary software automates the VAT reclaim process by extracting data quickly and accurately and automatically processing the data for submission to the tax authorities.

By combining our global expertise with our automated VAT reclaim process we can radically reduce the time taken to submit claims and for you to receive reimbursement.

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VAT Reclaim Challenges

Complex and diverse VAT legislation

  • It is company policy to keep original invoices and receipts however the majority of these invoices are incompliant for VAT reclaim.

Lack of time and VAT expertise

  • We do not have the in-house expertise to reclaim VAT on travel and expenses


  • We do not know how much VAT we have to reclaim and whether it merits further investigation

Nonsensical VAT Rules

  • International VAT is complex and time-consuming.

How it works?

Using our proprietary software, Integrated Data Capture module, we automatically connect to your expense management system to identify and extract the data required quickly and accurately. Allowing us to automatically process the data for submission to the tax authorities.

Integration with EMS and Corporate Card technologies.

We understand different companies and often their entities can have different EMS systems or corporate cards programs and even different banks throughout your global business. Some offices will use an OBT and others will have relationships with a TMC. Because your business is constantly growing and evolving, we make sure our solution integrates seamlessly at every touchpoint along the way. So no matter what combination of technologies you use, we handle it all in one solution.

Integration with Corporate Banks
Integration with EMS

We reclaim VAT for you worldwide from a range of expenses such as

  • Trade fair and conference costs,
  • Meals, accommodation, and business entertainment,
  • Travel and transport costs,
  • Advertising and promotional costs,
  • Professional services,
  • Inter-company expenses,
  • And many additional expenses.
What can you reclaim?

Global Capabilities

Your teams operate around the world in different time zones, languages and currencies. You need a VAT reclaim solution that does too.

Taxback International provides a global reclaim solution for corporate travel expenses that supports numerous currency, language, and international tax requirements. Data can be reported in different language, date and currency formats. Our VATConnect platform also handles complex international tax jurisdictions such as VAT, GST, PST, HST, and FBT.

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