Increase your foreign VAT
reclaim by 50%

Reclaiming VAT on foreign business expenses is a simple way to inject money back into your company.

The challenge of international VAT refunds

  • Each country has its own specific deadlines and rules, with different administrative practices for filing.
  • Operating in worldwide markets requires expertise in legislation, foreign language support and relationships with the local tax offices.
  • Companies often underclaim due to a lack of knowledge or resources to submit complete claims.
  • Foreign VAT reclaim is subject to time limitations. Missing the VAT reclaim window could mean you lose your refund.

Advanced VAT Technology can increase your refunds by 50%

Automating foreign VAT reclaim will free up internal resources, while also providing a cash injection for your company.

Taxback International increase VAT reclaim on foreign T&E and AP invoices by an average of 50% for new clients through our unique VATConnect technology

Work with Taxback International

With over 25 years experience in VAT reclaim, companies choose to work with Taxback International for our proven expertise and innovative technologies.

Our technology platform is supported by the world’s top VAT experts to ensure 100% compliance. Our service benefits are easily quantifiable and no upfront investment is required.