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The challenge of international VAT refunds

Diverse deadlines, regulations, and administrative practices can be daunting. VATConnect overcomes all these challenges.

With VATConnect, you’ll never miss a VAT refund window again. Seamlessly integrating with your ERP, VATConnect not only streamlines the reclaim process but also supports all international tax requirements, so it works wherever your company works. Reduce risk, optimizes your annual reclaims and say goodbye to underclaims caused by lack of expertise or resources.

Discover VATConnect – Advanced VAT Technology designed to boost your refunds by up to 50%

By automating the foreign VAT reclaim process, you’ll not only free up valuable internal resources but also secure a significant cash injection for your company.

Experience the power of Taxback International’s VATConnect technology, which consistently enhances VAT reclaims on foreign Travel & Entertainment (T&E) and Accounts Payable (AP) invoices by an average of 50% for new clients.

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Work with Taxback International

At Taxback International, we’ve grown into a world leader in VAT (Value Added Tax) compliance, reclaim, and consultancy. Combining innovative technology, deep industry expertise, and value-added partnerships, we deliver comprehensive VAT solutions for our clients.

Our team of real VAT experts assists organisations with VAT management in all countries where VAT obligations exist. Whether it’s reclaiming VAT, ensuring compliance, or strategic consultancy, Taxback International is your trusted partner every step of the way.

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