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Storage and Archiving

Storage management with Taxback International delivers guaranteed compliance and full visibility into all your transactions in storage.

Our storage and archiving services provide an audit trail back to your expense management and accounting systems, with easy traceability based on 12 data parameters in each transaction.

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Integrated solutions for increased efficiency
Integrated solutions for increased efficiency
  • Integration with VATConnect means documents are automatically sorted into VAT reclaim ready reports
  • Easily link to other services such as document retrieval service
Best practice storage facilities and service levels
Best practice storage facilities and service levels
  • On par with banking standards, with each database protected with 256 bit encryption at every stage
  • Strong environmental protection practices and 24/7 manned and keypad entry security
  • Appointed Manager ensures all documents are stock managed correctly and checked against both our and your systems at all times
Compliance guarantee
Compliance guarantee
  • Automatic checks review our records against our clients’ records to identify document gaps
  • Taxback International’s audit trail means you are always ready in event of a tax audit request
  • 24/7 turnaround for audit reports post receiving documents to storage

Receipt Auditing

Consistent receipt auditing safeguards your business in the event of a tax audit, and helps to ensure that employees are adhering to expense policies. Research shows that as much as 10% of total expense spend is lost due to errors and a further 10% can be lost to exaggerated expense claims. Our receipt auditing services help you manage the risk associated with travel and expense transactions while maximizing VAT reclaim.

Taxback International’s VATConnect automatically integrates with expense management systems to quickly and efficiently collect your receipts and audit them using our industry leading AI (artificial intelligence) machine learning algorithms.

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Boost travel policy compliance

Reduce errors and exaggerated claims

Gain control

Gain increased control of the expense management process by easily and quickly ensuring that expenses are within corporate policy

Increase efficiency

Decrease audit timelines and redirect employee resources to other tasks

VAT Consultancy

Taxback International’s experienced VAT consultants provide practical VAT advice and training on a multitude of issues specific to your business needs.

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  • VAT treatment for cross border transactions
  • Multi-jurisdictional VAT obligations
  • Accounting for VAT
  • VAT concepts such as VAT groups and the reverse charge mechanism
  • Review of accounts payable process and benchmarking against current best practice levels
  • The completion of VAT returns, EC Sales Lists and Intrastat Returns

Benefit in Kind Review

Benefit in kind is any non-cash benefit that you provide for your employees. If your employees earn over a specific threshold, taxes must be paid on any additional benefits such as gifts, cash bonuses, winnings from contests, etc.

Our VATConnect platform helps you maintain compliance by automatically analyzing all data for transactions subject to Benefit in Kind, setting allowances and delivering a Benefit in Kind compliant report in advance of the monthly reporting deadlines.

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USA Sales & Use Tax

If you’re a Not for Profit organization or Higher Education institution and you’re paying Sales & Use Tax, we can help recover this tax going back up to 4 years. VATConnect Integrations automatically reviews all data from your expense management systems to determine your potential savings in each state and gain visibility into where recovery can be maximized.

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USA-sales-use-tax-bg USA Sales & Use Tax

USA Meals and Entertainment Audit

The United States Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) updated the rules for deductions on expenses related to meals and entertainment, making it more complex to understand which expenses are deductible. With meals and entertainment contributing up to 22% of a company’s total travel budget, this can add up to huge headaches and significant potential for either savings or penalties.

VATConnect automatically isolates all meals and entertainment expenses and provides an itemized, transaction-based report of all transactions that are tax deductible- keeping you compliant and ensuring you get the full benefit of your deductions.

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USA-meals-entertainment-audit-bg USA Meals and Entertainment Audit