We put you first.

At Taxback International, we build our technology, our team and even our partners around the needs of our clients. We offer our clients an unrivalled and comprehensive service. From the initial client engagement to the first data analysis to the day-to-day enhanced reporting and updates – we put what our clients want at the forefront of our agenda.

“Without Taxback International and their Technology, we wouldn’t be where we are now

“We were able to reclaim our VAT 10X compared to previous years

“It took us 6 hours to reclaim $250,000!”

It was such an easy decision for Pall Corporation to choose Taxback International for to maximise their VAT Reclaim. Taxback International used our advanced powerful technology to collaborate with Pall Corporation to increase their revenue stream, giving them a bright future in their industry.

Case Study

Taxback International and Electrolux have worked seamlessly together, in order to reclaim VAT 10X in just one year.

Case Study

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