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So Brexit begins. What’s next for VAT

The UK has initiated its exit from the E.U. and unexpectedly called for a general election this June. So where does that leave VAT? Well for the time being, with not much change. The election is a clear sign of the Government setting its resolve but as far as VAT is concerned, it is business as usual until the law of VAT is changed.

It is most likely that legislators will be too busy with Brexit to be revising VAT legislation in the next two years. We can, however, expect some form of Customs controls for the UK after this point in time.

Both the World Trade Organisation and the EU have made it clear that it’s not possible to have a midway Customs Union.

This means the negotiations ahead will be long and detailed on the matter of VAT and duty throughout the next two years, and any implementation of changes will be well advertised in advance.

Rest assured we will be on hand to keep you informed with the latest in Brexit and VAT compliance news.

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