Next Generation Payments Solution

TBI Pay powered by TransferMate Global Payments, is the next generation of cross-border payments. This advanced technology is made possible through our Global Settlement Network of local bank accounts across 162 countries in 134 currencies. We offer companies the ability to consolidate multiple payment providers into one solution.

TBI Pay is regulated to the highest global banking standards globally with one of the largest footprints of payment licences in the industry.


The challenge for companies

  • Reconciliation Issues & Friction Points
    Due to lack of technology integration, payment solutions can be fragmented taking significant time to issue, reconcile payments & resolve errors.
  • Delayed Payments
    The traditional banking system has multiple parties in the critical path. Beneficiaries can often take days rather than hours to receive payments.
  • High Cost of Cross Border Payments
    Handling fees charged by each bank in the chain results in significant bank sender fees & overseas receiver fees.

Integration with Comply

This revolutionary on-time payments technology sits within the Comply platform, enabling tax office payments in local currencies.

Our fully regulated Global Settlement Network of local bank accounts in 162 countries and in 134 currencies ensures that almost every Tax Office globally is covered.

Comply dashboard
  • protection

    Faster international payments

  • Zero fees for a large number of currencies

  • Transparent tracking of each payment

  • Safe transfer

    Security and regulation

  • Access real time exchange rates

  • Real time updates of payment status to your ERP or AP system