Your business is required to stay on top of all corporate travel expenses providing proof where necessary that all expenses claimed are viable. You will need to regularly audit your expenses for tax compliance to avoid all risk in the event of a tax audit request.


Without proper and consistent receipt auditing, costs and in-compliance tend to escalate and research shows that employees increasingly spend outside Travel & Expense policy. As much as 10% is lost due to errors and a further 10% can be exaggerated claims.


We enable your company to manage the risk associated with travel and expense transactions while maximising the reclaim of VAT.  Third party receipt auditing has a valuable role in ensuring tax compliance, detecting errors/fraud & controlling the cost of safeguarding your tax status.


Boost travel policy compliance 

  • Reduce errors and exaggerated claims.

Increase efficiency

  • Decrease audit timelines and redirect employee resources to other tasks.

Gain control

  • Gain increased control of the expense management process by easily and quickly ensuring that expenses are within corporate policy.

Improve compliance to VAT regulations

  • VAT laws change rapidly in every country, Taxback International has the local expertise to keep on top of these regulations.

Maximise VAT reclaim

  • Taxback International is a global leader in local and foreign automated VAT reclaim.

Our proprietary software

Our technology uses integrated data capture to pull data across from your Expense Management System quickly and efficiently. Taxback International expense auditors then use their expertise and a keen eye to match hard copy receipts with those entered into the expense management system, verify that expenses match your company travel policy, ensure that necessary receipts are filed and examine any suspicious purchases. This function requires a human touch and therefore eludes auditing software programs.

We audit your expenses to ensure:

  • Policy compliance,
  • Expense claim accuracy,
  • We combat fraud,
  • And ensure maximum VAT reclaim.
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