Diversey, Inc.

Diversey, Inc. supplies cleaning and hygiene products serving customers in a variety of industries. They aim to create a cleaner, healthier environment and safeguarding clients organisations while safeguarding your business against damage and loss. 

Before Taxback International, there was no visibility into their VAT reclaim. They now have the technology to see where their VAT reclaims can come from, and how to make it better

Company Name
Diversey Inc.

Company Size
6,000 employees

Charlotte, North Carolina, United States

Chemicals, Hygiene & Sanitization

Why Taxback International?
Allows for full visibility around VAT reclaim that wasn’t available before. The automated solution allows quick & accurate integrated data capture.

“We now have a consistent way of reclaiming VAT and also it has driven a lot of simplicity into our organisation because we know exactly what we should do and not do”

Poul Lishmann, Global T&E Process Manager

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