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Seoul Semiconductor

Seoul Semiconductor is one of the four largest LED manufacturers in the world. The company, with headquarters in South Korea, has more than 12,000 patents and mass-produces innovative LED products. Around 800 business trips each year, starting from seven different countries to destinations all over the world. The employees of Seoul Semiconductor are always on the go, promoting their innovative LED products.

  • Company Name
    Seoul Semiconductor Co., Ltd.

    Ansan, Gyeonggi-do province, South Korea

  • Website

    Mechanical, equipment and component engineering

Seoul Semiconductor

Previously, we simply didn’t process claims for refund of VAT/GST paid in foreign countries at all… Now that we have integrated VATConnect from Taxback International into our Concur Expense, everyone is really happy

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VAT refunds made easy at last.

Game over for the time-wasting, game on for a real VAT/GST refund solution – Seoul Semiconductor needed an efficient solution that would allow the team in Munich to handle travel management as a minor, incidental part of their daily business routine.

Seoul Semiconductor opted for products from SAP Concur, benefiting from its integration with Taxback International to take advantage of the strong partner network.

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