Transitions Optical

Transition Optical help people enhance their vision and the way they perceive light. It was founded in 1990, and soon become the first company to commercialise photochromic lenses. Transition Optical offer adaptive eyewear in a wide selection of designs and materials.

By using Taxback International as their VAT Reclaim provider, it allowed Transitions Optical to focus on their own business while Taxback International deal with tax offices directly.

Company Name
Transitions Optical

Company Size
1,500 employees

Tuam, Galway, Ireland

Medical Devices

Why Taxback International?
Taxback International allowed Transitions Optical to focus on own business while they dealt with tax offices directly saving us time and resources.

“Taxback International allows us to focus on our day to day activities while they deal with all the tax offices directly – which is a headache we don’t need!”

Transitions Optical

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