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Steelpress Sp. Z o.o.

Steelpress (SPP) was initially a family-run establishment for metal finishings. However, thanks to its solid crafting experience and accurate performance, it quickly made the company become a known manufacturer for spare parts for trailers with a national operating range.

Taxback International have provided SPP with a complete solution and they are safe in the knowledge that they’re no longer missing out on an additional revenue stream.

Company Name

Steelpress Production

Company Size

130 employees


Lubon, Poland


Machinery Parts Manufacturing

resources-post-top-bg Steelpress Sp. Z o.o.
Steelpress Sp. Z o.o.

Taxback International has transformed how we reclaim VAT on our travel spend.

resources-success Transformed the VAT reclaim process

Transformed the VAT reclaim process

Taxback International have provided Steelpress with a complete solution. They are safe in the knowledge that they are no longer missing out on this additional revenue stream. VAT reclaim is now pain free and they simply watch their reclaim grow year on year.

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We were able to reclaim our VAT 10X compared to previous years

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"Previously, we simply didn’t process claims for refund of VAT/GST paid in foreign countries at all... Now that we have integrated VATConnect from Taxback International into our Concur Expense, everyone is really happy"

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Without Taxback International and their technology, we wouldn’t be where we are now. We have a bright future ahead of us, and their technology will get us there.

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