Tag: VAT Deadlines

What are your VAT deadlines?

12th December 2019: Do you know which of the 3 major VAT deadlines your company must comply with?

Portugal: new deadlines for VAT payments

11th November 2019: Taxpayers in portugal to have more time to make VAT payments on VAT returns.

Brexit Update: The VAT impact.

17th September 2019: How will a no-deal Brexit impact VAT?

Deadlines for compliance with new invoice processing and storage rules for Portugal.

15th August 2019: Everything you need to know about Portuguese taxpayer deadline extension.

The September VAT deadline is fast approaching.

18th July 2019: Companies should act now to reclaim VAT on corporate expenses and business travel incurred in the EU before the September deadline.

Norwegian VAT deadline is moved to September.

3rd July 2019: On 28 June 2019 tax authorities in Norway announced the deadline to file VAT refund claims will no longer be 30 June.