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As market leaders in the VAT reclaim industry we know how important technology is to make reclaims on business expenses easy and simple. Having the ability to maximise your VAT refunds today and excelling each year is a given.

For more than 20 years Taxback International has been creating a legacy of technology solutions that have revolutionised the world of VAT reclaims. As market leaders, we continuously look beyond today to build our next groundbreaking technology to make the spend journey even easier. We have worked hard to bridge the limitless and boundless data connections in our borderless world market.  We already have the most comprehensive technology connections pre-built in the marketplace, through our vast network of partnerships and smart collaborations.

How Our Technology Works

Our platform VATConnect seamlessly integrates with Expense Management Systems, hotel groups, payment companies and many other electronic systems to extract the relevant VAT data with follow-on connections to over 200+ of the world’s tax portals.

Connections are simple and effortless! The integration with your systems transfers data securely to a data computer capture centre. Each transaction is processed, with all relevant data and images extracted from invoices and receipts, creating a Master VAT ready report. Our Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software automatically and intelligently matches the data with corresponding images.

“Without Taxback International and their Technology, we wouldn’t be where we are now

Eugene De Beer, Business Process Enabler, Pall Corporation

Our Marketing Leading Technology Products


The pre-built integration App VATConnect-Expense streamlines connectivity from your Expense Management system to Taxback International’s VATConnect platform in a 1 step action.


VATConnect- Analytics is an industry leading platform that allows clients to see the real-time status of all their VAT transactions. It is accessible 24/7, giving your company total visibility and control.

VATConnect– Comply

Using VATConnect- Comply we ensure that your VAT reclaims are always in full compliance, as well as helping you identify where your company needs to register for VAT and assess where there are issues.

VATConnect-Real Time Validation Mobile App

VATConnect Real-Time Validation is a mobile App with pre-built connectivity to Taxback International’s VAT intelligence engine. Employees can take a photo of a receipt or invoice to validate it in under 3 seconds.


VAT Calculator allows you to quickly and easily see what your potential VAT reclaim amount possibly is.

VATConnect-Real Time EU Reporting

VATConnect– Real Time EU Reporting is powered by Taxback International’s Artificial Intelligence engine that extracts data from your systems each month in line with your pre-determined data parameters.

The Best Security Standards

We are so confident in our technology capabilities and accuracy that we are the only VAT reclaim specialists in the marketplace to offer a risk-free guarantee with every VAT submission we handle.

And rest assured as an ISO 27001 accredited company your data is in the safest hands from the 1st connection. Our security is considered on par with banking standards!

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