Global VAT Compliance

VAT Compliance Solutions from Taxback International

Taxback International is automating and simplifying VAT compliance for global organisations. We can help you manage your VAT Compliance for numerous entities and tax authorities, meet complex tax deadlines in multiple currencies and streamline global VAT filings and returns.

Our combination of knowledge-based technology and our in-house VAT experts ensure 100% VAT compliance. Our VAT Compliance platform, Comply, delivers full visibility over your historic and current global VAT activities.


The world’s first automated, end-to-end VAT fulfilment platform, with in-built regulated cross-border payments capability. Comply delivers global visibility, centralised control, on-time payments with full indemnity and zero risk.

  • Guarantees compliant on time VAT returns and filings

  • Accurate trend analysis and financial forecasting

  • Easily stream data from multiple data sources

  • Guarantees full visibility and control over all global VAT obligations

Comply Analytics Dashboard

Work with Taxback International can 

We provide an end-to-end managed process for all VAT filings, giving you full visibility and control over all global VAT compliance obligations via Comply.

With over 25 years’ experience in VAT management, we handle all countries and languages where VAT obligations exist. We have a dedicated & centralized team of VAT experts, with a reputation of excellence within all global tax offices, ready to speak to you about your VAT obligations.

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