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Full VAT Compliance, Tracking & Control

Your business is required to pay tax in each jurisdiction it operates in. At a certain threshold, it’s often required as a compulsory legal matter to register for VAT in the countries in which you operate. It is important to be VAT Compliant as businesses can be subjected to penalties depending on the amount of VAT owed and the punctuality of your VAT Registration.

Taxback International can help you identify where your company needs to register for VAT and assess where there are issues.



Your business is required to pay taxes in each jurisdiction it operates. At a certain threshold, you are required to register for VAT in the countries you operate as a compulsory legal matter. With increasing levels of reporting obligations, it can be a challenge to keep up!



While in theory VAT is straightforward, in practice it can be complex. Taxes are not the core competency of your business and can take away valuable resources from your operations while trying to navigate compliance requirements.



At Taxback International, VAT is our core competency. Our in-house, multilingual team of VAT experts work on our client’s behalf to tailor our solution to your VAT compliance needs globally. Faced with tight deadlines, changing requirements and multiple entities, Taxback International always go the extra mile.

Taxback International integrates with our client’s technology to optimise VAT Compliance.

Client Testimonial

“We found Taxback International to be a very beneficial partner to work with in respect of VAT reclamation and also in the area of VAT Compliance. Avery Dennison is fairly complex in relation to legal entities having multiple VAT Registrations and Taxback International have helped us recover VAT that would otherwise have been lost. They have been responsive to our sometimes changing requirements and have gone the extra mile when faced with very tight deadlines. We also used Taxback International for a specific project in Poland and their support and drive in this project was crucial to its ultimate success.”

Joe Power , Director Trade Compliance and VAT Europe , Avery Dennison

How It Works

Monitor thresholds to oversee current & potential VAT registrations and de-registrations.

Regular submission of VAT obligations in every major business country.

Representation, VAT consulting, VAT audits & tax office communication.

Tailored services – eg: VAT health check & VAT ERP review.


Assurance that your VAT obligations will be met, and you will be kept informed of the current situation regularly via our online dashboard and Account Managers.

  • Reduced Costs & Improved Cash Flow
  • Multilingual VAT Expert Teams & Strong Relationships with Local VAT Offices.
  • Full Indemnity – Reduces risk of lost VAT reclaim, and unreported VAT on sales.
  • Focus Internal Resources – focus internal resources on your business while we focus on your VAT.

Ensure you are 100% VAT Compliant today!

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