VAT is complex, we make it simple.

Managing VAT is time-consuming and tedious, and many organisations only recover a fraction of what’s owed to them. Without automation and in-house VAT expertise, it’s nearly impossible to keep up with changing laws, regulations and filing requirements in every country that charge some form of VAT (including GST, PST, HST, FBT).

Why work with Taxback International?

VAT rates range from 5- 27%, averaging 20%

Each country has its own set of rules, deadlines and filing requirements

Rules, deadlines and filing requirements change constantly

If one piece of data is missing or inaccurate, the entire claim is denied

There are large financial penalties for non-compliance

What can I reclaim?

Foreign VAT

Employees travelling internationally are one of the biggest sources of reclaimable VAT. Our VATConnect solution ensures you reclaim everything you are entitled to while hiding the complexity of constantly changing rules, deadlines and filing requirements.

Domestic VAT

Subject to local tax rules, companies can deduct the VAT incurred on domestic business expenses through their local tax return. VATConnect automatically analyzes your expenses in the jurisdictions where you are VAT registered and ensures you get the highest possible reclaim while maintaining compliance across all jurisdictions.

Supplier invoices

An average of 70% of all foreign supplier invoices include inaccurate VAT charges, and once paid, it’s extremely challenging to reclaim the incorrect charges. VATConnect integrates with your payment system to identify incorrectly charged VAT before your invoice is paid, resulting in an immediate improvement in cash flow.

Import and Export VAT

VAT on cross-border transactions can be as high as 27% on top of all other items, and is generally recoverable with other VAT – if managed properly. VATConnect ensures your import and export documentation is optimized to reduce VAT costs and ensure full VAT recoverability.

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