Identifying, Managing and Reporting on all VAT Registrations

Taxback International will help you identify in which countries your company does need to register for VAT and confirm those where you do not need to register.

We handle the  complete VAT registration effort on your behalf where a registration is required, and manage all VAT return filings in each of these jurisdictions.


VAT Registrations are one of the most complicated parts of VAT Compliance – You have identified a need or a desire to register, now you face a mountain of paperwork and legal requirements.


Taxback International will monitor your registration obligations and provide you with country packs that outline everything you need in order to register efficiently and as quickly as possible in each jurisdiction.

How it Works

  • We have VAT experts in over 30 countries worldwide and speak over 17 languages in-house. Our team is at your disposal to manage your registration needs.
  • Providing exactly what is needed in each case, no more, no less. Saving you time figuring out the necessary details.
  • We will liaise with the tax authorities and get you set up, compliant, and ready to go!


  • Assurance that your VAT obligations will be met, and you will be kept informed of their current situation regularly via our online dashboard and Account Managers.
  • Fixed and controlled budgeting for peace of mind, and no risk of spiralling compliance costs.
  • Taxback International recognition with local VAT offices provides gold standard representation.
  • Reduces risk of lost VAT recovery, and unreported VAT on sales.
  • You can focus on your business while we focus on your VAT.

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