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Our clients reclaim an average of 30% more VAT!
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Taxback International’s VATConnect™ automated, cloud-based solution simplifies the entire VAT recovery process while giving you full visibility and control

Seamless integrations capture every transaction

VATConnect™ Integrations automatically captures data and images from expense management systems, payment/ERP systems, corporate cards, hotel groups, and travel management companies (TMC’s) to quickly get a view of your total spend and your VAT reclaim opportunity.

Automated intelligence delivers expert analysis

VATConnect™ intelligence reviews and validates all data via our industry-leading AI (artificial intelligence) machine learning algorithms, and automatically apply the relevant VAT rules and regulations for each country. Supports all international tax requirements, multiple currencies and multiple languages, with no minimum or maximum thresholds.

Actionable analytics help you optimize VAT reclaim

VATConnect™ analytics delivers instant and secure access to all VAT claims, registrations, returns and payments from tax offices around the globe. Prescriptive analytics provide actionable insights to help you get the highest possible reclaim and improve compliance year after year.

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A future proof solution that evolves with you

VATConnect™’s cutting-edge technology is built on Google’s cloud platform, allowing us to leverage the very latest developments in data capture, business intelligence and machine learning as they happen so we’re always delivering the most innovative VAT solutions available.

Security is at the heart of everything we do

• GDPR compliant shared services center in the EU
• Regulated to banking standards in 126 countries globally
• ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 Certified
• Separate client refund bank accounts in each country
• Privately owned, founded in Ireland in 1996 with 33 offices in 30 countries

“Taxback International and their technology have made a dramatic difference to our global VAT reclaim”

“Without Taxback International and their Technology, we wouldn’t be where we are now. We have a bright future ahead of us, and their technology will get us there.”

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