Increase your VAT reclaim by 50% with Taxback International VATConnect

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Innovative technology, effortless results.

Our automated, cloud-based VATConnect platform eliminates your VAT burden completely while providing real-time visibility, making recovery and compliance effortless for our clients. Discover how our leading-edge VATConnect platform helps you.

  • Increase ROI

    Increase your VAT reclaim by an average of 50% with automated VAT analysis for every single transaction.

  • Reduce risk

    Gain peace of mind with our fully indemnified solution that ensures 100% compliance.

  • Optimise annual reclaim

    Understand exactly what changes you can make to improve your VAT reclaim year over year.

Seamless integrations capture every transaction.

VATConnect Integrations automatically captures data and images from expense management systems, payment/ERP systems, corporate cards, hotel groups, and travel management companies (TMC’s) to quickly get a view of your total spend and your VAT reclaim opportunity.

Automated intelligence delivers expert analysis.

VATConnect Intelligence reviews and validates all data via our industry leading AI machine learning algorithms, and automatically applies the relevant VAT rules and regulations for each country.


  • Global compliance

    Supports all international tax requirements, so it works wherever your company works.

  • Speaks your language

    Multiple currencies and multiple languages, with no minimum or maximum thresholds.

Actionable analytics help you optimize VAT reclaim.

VATConnect Analytics delivers instant and secure access to all claims, registrations, returns and payments.


  • End-to-end workflows

    Track, manage and report at a global level as well as drill down into country, region and even individual level detail at a glance.

  • Insight & actions

    Prescriptive analytics provide actionable insights to help you get the highest possible reclaim and improve compliance year after year.

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Effortlessly track your Domestic and Foreign VAT Recovery as well as Accounts Payable.

  • Taxback International

    Domestic VAT Recovery

    Reclaim Domestic VAT on your local business spend over the last number of years.

  • Foreign VAT Recovery

    Reclaiming VAT on foreign business expenses is a simple way to inject money back into your company.

  • Accounts Payable

    Reclaim foreign VAT incurred on your company’s Accounts Payable (AP) invoices.

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