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At Taxback International, we work with our clients to cater for their every VAT need. Our solution is a seamless, touchless, end to end process managed entirely by Taxback International. With our VAT technical expertise and multilingual capabilities, Taxback International can assist clients with their VAT obligations within and outside the EU.

Powerful Technology

Proven Scalability, Full Visibility with Detailed Insights. We use the most advanced technology in the VAT solutions industry to automatically process and extract VAT from your various sources. We’ve invested in the latest developments in Artificial Intelligence in order to ensure that processes are fast and efficient.

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Client Care & Global Expertise

We have a dedicated international VAT research team, so our knowledge of EU and non-EU VAT laws and regulations is second to none. As leaders in the VAT market Taxback International is also well positioned through its partner relationships and can draw on a wealth of experience having provided integrated VAT solutions to global partners across a range of sectors.

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Full Indemnification - Risk Free

Taxback International is 100% indemnified meaning 0% VAT risk for your company. We use fully audited accounts, and separate dedicated client refund accounts ensuring client refunds are 100% secure, future proofing VAT reclaim for your business.

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Full Data Security

At Taxback International, security is at the core of everything we do, technology, people, and processes. We are an ISO 270001 European accredited company, which is only awarded to companies who have a full framework of policies and procedures that include all legal, physical and technical controls involved in a company’s information risk management processes.

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Continuous Improvement

Taxback International helps you maximise your VAT reclaim with our continuous improvement program. We are dedicated to not only getting you a VAT refund but also making sure you are getting the highest potential refund while increasing your compliance levels.

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