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Our automated, cloud-based VATConnect platform eliminates your VAT burden completely while providing real-time visibility every step of the way, making recovery and compliance effortless for our clients. Discover how our leading-edge platform helps you:

  • Increase ROI: increase your  VAT reclaim by an average of 30%
  • Reduce risk: our fully indemnified solution ensures zero risk for our clients
  • Optimise ongoing VAT: advanced analytics provides prescriptive insights to improve reclaim every year
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VAT is complex, we make it simple

Security you can trust

As the only major VAT technology provider based 100% in the EU, adhering to the most stringent GDPR standards is a given, but we take it much further by being regulated to international banking standards, incorporating best practices such as two-factor authentication and working with industry experts to ensure our security is of the highest standard.

Security is built into everything we do:

  • GDPR compliant shared services centre in the EU- your data never leaves the EU
  •  The only VAT provider offering multi-factor authentication
  • Regulated to banking standards in 160 countries globally
  • ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 Certified
  • Separate client refund bank accounts in each country

Over 12,000 clients

Companies across the globe trust Taxback International to manage their VAT reclaim- check out their stories below

“We've been impressed by Taxback International’s competitive pricing and flexible approach to meet each client’s direct needs”
"Taxback International has stood out from competitors across a range of values including technology, expertise and innovation.”
“Working with Taxback International over the past 3 years has maximised our VAT reclaim, increasing cash flow into our bottom line”
“Taxback International provides us with a tailored VAT reclaim solution that easily fits into our business needs.”
“Taxback International has transformed how we reclaim VAT on our travel spend.”
“Taxback International differentiated themselves as market leaders with outstanding processes, competitive pricing and advanced online reporting.”
“By working with Taxback International, we receive improved visibility and a professional account management system to answer our queries at any time. It has allowed us to concentrate on our core business while creating an additional revenue stream through their foreign VAT reclaim process.”
“We have been using Taxback International’s EU Compliance solution since 2013 and have been consistently impressed with their outstanding customer service and are extremely confident in their ability to provide an EU wide VAT compliance service.”
“The service is thorough, professional and Bel Power Solutions are safe in the knowledge that we are compliant and transparent in all sex entities that Taxback International deal with on our behalf. In addition, Bel power Solutions have been able to save time as they no longer need to calculate our own returns, freeing up employees for other duties”
“Using Taxback International certainly improved our VAT reclaim. It was a very simple, very easy implementation. We can have our reports really specify what we want and not a kind of standard report.” 
“We have found Taxback International a thoroughly professional and competent organisation. In particular, we have valued their flexibility in dealing with specific requirements in our industry, and our intercompany and partner transactions.”
“Taxback International has a proactive approach to maximising our VAT… ensuring increased refunds”
“Taxback International’s extensive knowledge of each region’s tax requirements is so beneficial to the success of our events. The team takes us through every step of registration needs, accommodates our special requirements, and also offers the best customer service along the way.”
“The collaboration of Taxback International and Concur means we now see T&E VAT reclaim as low touch and high value”
“I don’t even invest an hour a month to this… It’s so easy that I sometimes forget it’s working behind the scenes and putting money back into our bottom line.”
“Taxback International allows us to focus on our day to day activities while they deal with all the tax offices directly – which is a headache we don’t need!”
“We can invest our resources in other activities and we also noted that there’s much more accuracy in the VAT reclaim, we are sure we are VAT compliant as well.”
“We now have a consistent way of reclaiming VAT and also it has driven a lot of simplicity into our organisation because we know exactly what we should do and not do”
“We reclaimed $250,000 in just 6 hours!”
Without our technology, they wouldn't be where they are now.
They reclaimed their VAT 10X in 2018

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