AP Audit Review

Reduce the risk of errors and fraud in your supplier and procurement processes.

Our Recovery Audit quickly identifies these issues to minimise the risk of regulatory issues and penalties for your business

Don’t leave your business open to risk.

Mistakes and failings by suppliers can be costly to your business, but many companies do not have the process checks or controls in place to identify where errors are occurring.

Recent research shows that businesses only check 52% of invoices for duplication, errors and fraud.

Co-workers meeting
Colleagues react to successful VAT return

Recovery Audit is the key to improvement.

Recovery Audits remove the doubts that exist around supplier relationships and provoke significant improvements in the process through the findings that our investigations uncover.

Our experience enables us to facilitate a forensic review of both your Procurement and Finance functions in a manner that pays for itself several times over.

Taxback International’s Recovery Audit Service:

  • Bespoke tailored service for each individual client

  • Escalation flows

    Identifies mistakes which directly
    translates to recovered cash for clients

  • Security

    Identifies supplier failings and potential fraud by suppliers

  • Integrate and reconciliation

    Provides peace of mind that all
    processers are working correctly

  • Audit trail

    Provides invaluable
    insights into how
    processes are working