resources-post-top-bg The September VAT deadline is fast approaching.

The September VAT deadline is fast approaching.

18th July 2019: Companies should act now to reclaim VAT on corporate expenses and business travel incurred in the EU before the September deadline.

September deadline applies to both EU and Non-EU companies:

1. EU companies reclaiming EU VAT (under the Directive 2008/9/EC)

Example: EU companies reclaiming VAT within EU countries, excluding their home country.

2. Non-EU companies claiming from certain EU countries.

Example: US-based company, claiming expenses from Spain.

VAT must have been incurred between January 1st 2018 and December 31st 2018.

How can my company prepare?

In order to reclaim EU VAT, copies of the valid VAT invoices and receipts must be submitted to the relevant tax offices ahead of the deadline.

Taxback International VATConnect™ can securely connect to your expense management system to extract all necessary data and images in real-time, providing an end-to-end VAT reclaim solution.

Upcoming deadlines:

September 10th: The deadline for the transfer of data to Taxback International to ensure applications are processed. For non-EU claimants, originals invoices may be required.

September 30th: Tax office deadline to reclaim VAT on business travel, cross border transactions and account payable expenses incurred in the EU between January 1st and December 31st 2018.

VAT is complex, we make it simple. VAT reclaim is an important revenue stream, but it is critical that you submit your expenses and invoices well ahead of the annual deadlines or money can easily be lost. September 10th is Taxback International’s internal deadline to receive your September deadline data. Take action now to avoid lost refunds.

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